About Us

Airmen Golf Club is about an extraordinary teamwork. Our sophisticated staff share an affection of fine living and well-being, they embrace communication stewardship while consistently showing outstanding generosity and character with an everlasting commitment to our customers.

Like an exclusive club, Airmen Golf Course offers exceptional facilities and impeccable customer service. It is a remarkable contribution of the prestigious Pakistan Air Force for Karachiites. Our membership offers instant reach to all club offerings, so you can customize activities to match your preferences and schedules. Enjoy a golf play on the acclaimed lands of a designed course in Karachi. Pamper yourself with an extraordinary dine in service with friends, family, and colleagues.

With new training programs, abundant sport activities and scrumptious menu choices, Airmen Golf Club has been the most thriving leisure destinations of Karachi.

  • 18-Hole Golf Course
  • 24×7 Service
  • Unique And Beautiful
  • Across More Than 320 Acres
  • Well Qualified Staff
  • Founded In 1877


Late 80s

In mid 80s a nine holes Golf Course was developed and the project was named as PAF Creek Club​


In 2006, state of the art 9 Holes Golf Course was developed​


In 2012 , the club was named as Airmen Golf Course and another 09 holes were initiated, converting it to a total of 18 hole golf course​


5000 +


700sq +

Golf Area

245 +

Modern Style Care

648 +